Nature is our refuge from the hectic pace of modern life:  a sanctuary of peace and tranquility, a chance to breathe, to reflect, re-create, relax, renew.  Attentive to light, shape, texture, and space, my photographs are intended to elicit the same release we experience in nature. Inherently, my photography is about sharing this experience:  a chance to bring the beauty of the world to others, to provide a visual escape from the confined spaces and artificial light of our urban lives.

Nature is not only a refuge, but a healer.  When a hospital or healthcare institution hangs my artwork, I am fulfilled by sharing the peace and renewal of nature with the infirmed, their caregivers, and loved ones.  Moreover, as a veteran, it is a special honor to share nature's healing power with our nation's finest when V.A. hospitals and healthcare facilities install my artwork. 

Please give me a call or email me, I'd like to share the beauty of the world with you and your organization.

 Find your sanctuary.